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Airbnb VS Hotels

When you’re looking to plan your next weekend getaway, finding the perfect place to stay is often a top priority. With Airbnb’s rise in popularity over the last 10 years, it has now become a genuine competitor against your traditional hotel, offering guests a completely different experience when it comes to spending the night.

So, how does Airbnb actually compare to the classic Hotel? After a long day or exploring a new city or catching up with friends and family, getting a good night’s sleep is definitely important – let’s see how Airbnb shapes up…

The Costs

For a range of small, medium and large accommodation types, Airbnb is often the cheaper option over the equivalent sized, hotel room. Hotels often have to factor in a number of overheads such as staff wages, luxury amenities and large utility bills – with Airbnb hosts not having to consider these costs quite as much, they can often charge a cheaper price for a nights stay!

Like hotel owners, Airbnb hosts also commonly offer nightly discounts for longer stays as well as reductions to those who come for a second visit in the form of a ‘Welcome-Back’ offer.

Bus Travel comparison site, BusBud have a great article which directly compares average Airbnb and Hotel prices worldwide. Their study points to a trend in cheaper Airbnb offerings all around the globe – with average Airbnb prices in London being around £70 cheaper than the hotel alternative!

The Location

If you’re tired of the corporate business locations of most city hotels, venturing out to a local neighbourhood Airbnb may be the best option for you.

Whilst most hotels will be ideally suited for taking in the sights, no matter how glamourous the facilities or how nice the staff are, you very rarely get the ‘live like a local’ feel. Whether it’s saying hello to the neighbours, visiting a local grocery shop or uncovering a hidden-gem of a cafe, with an Airbnb you get the chance to be an authentic, part-time member of that community.

This rings especially true when visiting family and friends. Airbnb may offer you the chance to stay literally on the same street, meaning you won’t have as far to walk when you’ve finished catching up!

The Design

The traditional look and feel of a hotel room is something we’re all familiar with. Whilst there are some hotels out there pushing the letter of unique and quirky design features, if you’re looking for something for something that’s truly like no other, Airbnb will definitely have it!

From airships and windmills to grand abbeys and beach huts, Airbnb has something for everyone as well as properties lets in styles you won’t have even thought of. If you’re looking to book a memorable few days away, Airbnb may have the quirky retreat to put the cherry on top of a special trip!

Alongside the off the wall design of some Airbnb’s, the homely feel is something you’ll never get with a hotel. Personal furnishings, comfy sofas and modern kitchen spaces give Airbnb the advantage when it comes to creating a home away from home – especially for those guests looking to stay somewhere for the medium to long term.


The Space

Ever tried to book a classic hotel trip away as a family? Adults and Kids all crammed into one double room, an 8pm lights out for all and the late sleepers getting disturbed by the early risers? Unfortunately, most hotels only offer a larger double room with the only alternative leaving you to have to double the costs by shelling out for two or more rooms!

Airbnb has a range of options for everyone, from room-only rents to being able to let out a whole property. Often for the same price as an lowly hotel room, guests can secure a whole property let giving the whole family the chance to get some privacy, relax and have fun, all in equal measure.

An added bonus of taking on a full property means you can cut costs elsewhere – pop down to the local supermarket and cook a hearty home cooked meal from the comfort of your new home from home.

The Amenities

When you arrive at your first Airbnb you may be worried that those handy amenities you’re used to at the big hotels won’t be on offer. Well there’s no need to be concerned, most Airbnbs come fully equipped with WiFi, Towels, Toiletries and a Local Area Guide.

One area that your classic hotel may have the edge is Breakfast. Most Airbnbs don’t offer breakfast but for those of you with an entire property, you have the facilities to rustle up your favourite dish. Despite no official breakfast, many Airbnb hosts do leave some snacks and refreshments on offer for their guests so they don’t go hungry!

You’ll be used to having a 24/7 reception desk with your standard hotel, so it’s worth reaching out with your Airbnb host before you arrive to find out their Check In/Out times. Often Airbnb’ers like to take a relaxed approach giving you the opportunity to arrive and leave in your own time.

Bonus: For The Landlords

For those of you on the other side of the letting arrangement, Airbnb offers a number of benefits over the classic listing methods. With Airbnb continuing to rise in popularity, here just a few of the benefits Airbnb can offer you as a landlord:


✔ – Easy Online Platform Setup – No Setup Fees

✔ – A Generally Friendly and Low-Expectation Guest Base

✔ – The Option to Approve/Reject Certain Guests at Certain Times

✔ – No Responsibility To Provide Breakfast and Other Luxury Facilities I.e Gym, Pool, Restaurant

✔ – Lower Commission Obligations vs Popular Booking Platforms

Time to Check Out

Airbnb’s rise to the top of the short term letting market isn’t by chance. It’s vibrant community and dedicated hosts mean that it now offers a genuine and authentic alternative to the classic hotel getaway.

Airbnb has something for everyone – whether it’s a low cost spot to get your head down, a quirky property in the heart of the local neighbourhood or a cosy home away from home, you’re sure to find something to make your next trip extra special!

Still not sure? Get in touch with us here at Flamingo to find out more about how Airbnb is an awesome experience for both guests and hosts alike!

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